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Use a Rigid Box


  • Use a new or almost new box. 
  • Use a box large enough to have 2 inches of space top bottom and all around your contents.
  • Used boxes have to be free of alcohol labels or any type of ORM-D labels.

Taping your Package


Shipping Tape should be used instead of Scotch Tape, Masking Tape or Duct Tape.

Scotch tape and Masking tape does not hold up and Duct tape will roll up on the ends and get caught in the conveyor belts and tear your package apart.  

UPS can and does refuse your package with String, Rope, Duct Tape or Paper Overwrap.

Protecting your Package


This is the most important step .

Glass, dishes, monitors, computers, antiques or anything breakable needs to be double packaged and double boxed.

Two inches of foam or the equivalent needs to be around all six sides of the box and sufficient packing in between items. This needs to be tight enough to prevent the items from shifting during transit but not so tight that outside forces will cause inner damage.

Heavyweight items need to be double boxed. 

Addressing your Package


It is important to have the correct address for your shipment as the charges for an incorrect address through UPS is $15 to $22.  I will charge this back to you if I get an address correction.  It can also cause your package to be returned and return freight to be charged to you.

Double Boxing


Protecting the contents of your package is crucial. 

Heavyweight items over 70 pounds need to be double boxed or crated  to prevent shifting and the bursting of seams and corners.

Please do not use newspaper, towels or clothing to wrap your breakable contents in.  UPS will deny an insurance claim if anything gets damaged.



Liability for damaged packages that are sent by you through Betta's Services LLC.  is the responsibility of the person shipping the package (YOU).  Betta's Services LLC. will not be held responsible for inadequate

packaging of your shipment.