1306 Main Street, Oroville, WA 98844, US

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Welcome to Betta's Services LLC.

Receiving Your Packages

This service is to provide you with a US address for you to ship to.  You then come down to pick up your package and pay a handling fee and take it through the border yourself.  This saves you shipping time, costly international shipping as well as brokerage fees.

Please read this entire page so you have all the information you need to know to ship a package to our facility.

We take US  Currency as well as Canadian Currency(at local bank exchange rates) and our policy on  Credit/Debit cards is no credit/debit cards under $8.00 US. 

Addressing Your Packages

Address your packages like this:

Your Name

Your phone #

1306 Main Street plus your ID# (read below)

Oroville, Washington  98844  

Due to Postal Service Regulations for Mail Receiving Businesses we are now required to  have you fill out a form 1583 which requires two pieces of ID to do. The Post Office can refuse delivery of your packages and send them back if your ID# is not on the package or mail. 

If you have NOT done the paperwork yet just send it without the ID# the first time and when you come down to pick up we will do the paperwork and then you use that number on all your future packages.

If you have already done your paperwork and can't remember your number, just call or email me and we can let you know what it is.

This is a requirement of the federal postal service inspector for us to do this because this is not your home address and we are considered a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency. I can be fined $250,000.00 for not complying with these regulations for ANY packages that comes through the post office without the ID#.  

Cost and Notification

Service Charges Per Package are $4 US for regular small carrier deliveries.  Like UPS, FED-EX and USPS(Post Office).  Read below for pick up policy. Please read the Truck Freight - Pallets section for Truck Freight costs and pickup times.

We call you within 24 hours of receiving your packages. I do not call on weekends.  We do not email as it is too time consuming to do so.  

My policy is for packages to be picked up within 30 days.  I charge an extra $1 a day for every day after 30 days that you do not pick up. You lose your package after 60 days.

Remember I am not a storage unit facility for you to leave your packages here for months. There is NO INSURANCE on your packages that are received here because I can only insure my building and my equipment. The insurance companies DO NOT insure the contents of other people's packages. 


Truck freight shipments are a minimum of $20 and up to $100, depending on size and weight.For example a 4x4x4 foot pallet is a $20 fee and ATV's, Motorcycles, or large furniture orders are considered $100 fees.

Freight shipments are a 5 business day pickup.  For every week thereafter the cost is another $20 per week.   

I have a forklift and small warehouse for these shipments.

I CANNOT TAKE VEHICLES or anything too big or long to get into the warehouse.

You Need To Know

Do not use Betta's Services or c/o Betta's Services or my personal name or business phone number in your ship to address. Most if not all companies do not include invoices with your packages anymore, so please be sure to bring a copy of the order so you can get through custom's easier.

If you are using my services for the first time, please call me or email me with your name and phone number.  You can use either betta@nvinet.com or betta@bettasservices.com for email and 509-476-2888 for calling. Our fax # is 509-476-2590. 

If you have someone else pick up your package, please call me or email me to let us know who you are authorizing to pick up your package(s).  I DO NOT release packages to someone else without prior authorization.

I DO NOT FORWARD packages.


Remember that it is your responsibility to know the policies of the store you are doing business with.